Why Vote?

Student Videos

Take a look at these wonderful videos freshmen from Cal State LA created in order to show why every young voter needs to cast their ballot this election.




1st Place in American Communities Program’s Get Out the Vote Video Contest
3rd Place in American Communities Program’s Get Out the Vote Video Contest

2nd Place in American Communities Program’s Get Out the Vote Video Contest


Student Essays

In case you are still uncertain if you are going to vote, read these essays to gain a more through understanding of voting and it’s history

Student Opinions

High School Students responded to the prompt: Why do you plan to vote?

“Because its my future and my chance to voice my opinion”

“I believe we should do a civic duty and vote.”

“… it is important to vote for what you think is important”

“I plan on voting because its part of my duty a citizen”

“I’m going to vote because I feel like the younger generation needs to vote in order for the country to experience change.”

“Because I want to choose who represents me. I also feel that if I don’t vote, I don’t have a say in what happens to America and I don’t get to complain about it either”

“It’s important to vote”

“Everyone who is eligible in my family votes and so I’m just like, ‘why not?'”

“I would like to help to contribute positive change for this country.”

“Because I think that it’s very important to vote to have our voice be heard.”

“Voting gives me the chance to get my opinions heard and to make a positive change.”

“I want to vote as soon as I can because I want to be able to take part in shaping my future. It is important that we vote to be heard in this country that we will most likely spend the rest of our lives in.”

“I want to vote because I want to be able to make decisions that will help benefit our potential future and provide a youth mindset and get more voices out there because without voting we will never experience change.”

“Yes because it is very important to vote and especially for the youth because this is all affecting our future.”

“I plan on voting because our society needs change.”

“I plan on voting because I want to provide change in this world and to have peace”

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